Allow me to see you.

Show me your demons, gremlins and tricksters.
Show me your visions, secret powers and dreams.

And I’ll click when you click.

As a photographer I face the human desire to preserve moments of our experiences in ever circling time. What we don’t materialize, we carry with in ourselves. Over time working in this field I’ve become sensitive to the question, whether a photo helps us remain what we cannot carry in ourselves or if it in the contrary encourages us to hold on to everything, without ever really connecting to the moments of experience in itself.

In portrait photography I aim to create and hold an unconditional space, ready to bare whiteness to what ever wants to be seen. Conflicts and insecurities, animus emotionality or nude presence are no threatening hurdle but the chance and motor for true and authentic living and relation. I value fear as our ability to find creative solutions to things we have come to change in our world. Sorrow and grief as an honest expression of love for the things we cannot change. Joy and happiness as one of the greatest forms of thanksgiving…

Photography as a cult, it is everywhere, everyone is doing it, reproducing image copies of the fleeting. We find relief in the re-imaging of what we cannot hold on to. We are non stop communicators with need to multiple representations of the stories we want to tell.
Why do we crave such reassurance?
This keeping of the ever changing time, can it be more than a reaction to the increasing demands of flexibility and fast paste communication? Ever since the discovery of photographic possibilities, freezing the multidimensional phenomena of our human experience into the 2-dimensional durability of a photograph has always been a tickling and infringing act!
Within these attempts I find love for storytelling. We can emphasize or newly create the stories we want to see in the world and share with others.  Acting on the discourse, photography will always be anthropocentric,  reimaging the relations of the visible and invisible combed and untied from the unassessed into the tangible.  

As a global citizen I object the materializing rituals of industrial and post-world war possessiveness, as it goes beyond the grounding and comforting we need to find. This fearful capitalizing excessiveness ties us down and deprives us from the trustful confidence in free progressiveness.

Besides creating commercial and portrait photography as a freelancer I support several initiatives of the social-ecological degrowth movement with my skills, empathy and equipment.

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