project peace

integral education for peace and ecology

While participating in project peace since august 2014 I have lived in the eco­-social farming community of KlosterGut Schlehdorf, a progressive space that has offered me much to be alive for. Within the program I travelled to Iran on the landroute and continued from there to Auroville to witness one of mankind’s oldest ecovillages, flourishing in south east India and volunteer on one of the organic Farm of Solitude.

In time I experienced the transforming quality of a collective commitment to love in its many forms. There is a great change emerging within the global community of mankind. In the course of this program my desire for and my vision of peace has been nourished with hope and deep practical methods for me to carry on and co-create what wants to be released in our time here. ‚Peace‘ has emerged from a euro­centered political claim and question to a more sophisticated process of collective healing. Touching the depths of living from within.




Devoting my life‘s actions to reveal our forms interconnectedness I added the one year transition programm of project peace to my studies of geography, to school myself in self-sufficiency, community builing, communication methods and peace-work. Structure of the programm is a three month community builing and co-created workshop phase of young adults aged 18 – 25 at the permaculture community KlosterGut Schlehdorf, Germany followed by an individual six month jouney of every group member in an exemplary volunteering placement and finaled by a second three month phase of integrating the individual with the collective and the group experiences again at KlosterGut Schlehdorf, thus bringing to life a self designed group project complementing the social transformation we are aiming for.

Coming from a mostly nonautonomous family background, it is my aim to reconnect myself with the nourishing ground and biodynamic cycles of or planet. Out of contact, without stories or knowledge of the circling cycles, orbiting our human experiences, I feel incomplete as a human being. Most tangible and basic I find cultures of food production. I like to understand „food production“ less as a necessity, more though as the human connection with planetary land, soil and seeds and I find this a basic skill for realizing humanity, corporeality, planetary existing .

On a long term basis I hope to develop and unfold the arts of healing, release the priestly aspects of my agency, and weave them together to a spiritual peasantry within a self sustainable community.

Schlehdorf_Juni2015_017_klien Schlehdorf_Juni2015_020_klein


It is the cradle in wich I have learned, that I am allowed to be what I am, that I can allow my need for security and that I am welcomed to put forward and contribute my very own genuine share of a ‚cosmic unity‘.

Project Peace can be an idyllic rainbow camp and a model community. Sometimes I dispatch myself disillusioned by this peace­loving happiness as the screaming turmoil of the suffering world never leaves my side.

At the latest after the journey as an international volunteer I understood that my need for global justice and solidarity does not lack any more projects and ideas but spaces in which we can live in this free and responsible manner. If I want to transform the postcolonial command of development and it’s diversity disdaining consequences, I must change the way things are here, where I myself have been socialized and where I find so many responsibilities denied, and not in so called „developing countries“.
Out of this understanding we developed the project groups for our third and final project phase with a focus on the support of the already existing initiatives at KlosterGut Schlehdorf.